A Shadow of What Should Be

Written for the Wincest Big Bang

Fic masterpost: AO3

Art masterpost: LJ

A/N: Thanks to beta anotherwinchesterfangirl who always saves me! Artist fridayblues was the sweetest to work with - stepping in as a pinch hitter to create the most amazing art.

Tags: Stanford era, unrequited relationship, canon divergent, hallucinations

Summary: Sam wakes up in a strange bed, a strange apartment, and living in domestic bliss with Dean and a dog named Mothra. Obviously, either he's lost his mind or all of this is a dream.

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Like Old Times

Written for spnkinkbingo square: fear kink

Pairing: Cain/Ramiel
Rating: Mature

Summary: Ramiel didn’t get many visitors. Certainly none that were his friends.

A/N: How perfect would these two be together? Fishing and raising bees, keeping their propensity for violence in check - except with each other. (First Cain/Ramiel fic on AO3 - how did that happen?)

Link to AO3

The demon dropped his fishing basket and pole at the base of the stairs. His eyes narrowed as he scanned left and right across the empty yard. The facade of his farmhouse was dark and the wardings looked undisturbed from when he left that afternoon.

But the smell? There was no hiding that smell. Ramiel’s eyes glowed yellow, matching the stink of sulfur that hung in the air.

He didn’t get many visitors. Certainly none that were his friends.

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