December 11th, 2018


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Stealing this from whiskeyanddenial over at DW <333 because this seems like the perfect format for an introduction post

  • Name: Paula

  • Age: forties

  • Pronouns: She/Her

  • Role: Fic writer and reader, tag rambler and gif set appreciator

  • Current Fandom: SPN and MCU are ongoing and never say die, but I also love THOHH, Hannibal, GoT, and The Expanse and a ton of others.

  • Favorite Characters: Sam Winchester, Bucky Barnes and Amos Burton top that list (hmmm, there's a theme here of mistakes made and doing the best you can to move past that)

  • Ships: Wincest/J2/Stucky *praise hands* but I do have a soft center for a lot of rare pair ships too like Sam/Brady, Dean/Benny, Dean/Cain.

  • Fandom History

    • First-ever introduction to fandom: Always a fangirl for other shows growing up (Fringe, TXF, BSG, LOTR) but SPN is the one that stuck.

    • Other fandoms I've lurked in: MCU, Hannibal, and GoT. The Hannigram and Robb/Jon WIPs that will never be written *sighs*

    • How I got into my current fandom: Reintroduced and binged the show in 2014, joined tumblr in 2015 (hey, look at these pretty gifs), starting writing fics six months later.