May 6th, 2017


Greet The Dawn

Written for the OhSam Celebrating Sam challenge for the prompt pomegranate. Thanks tonigeltde
for her help with this fic.

Sam gets lost, and heaven and hell try to find him, but Dean is his constant.

Sam pulls the fruit from the branch, the last days of fall bringing a heaviness to its body, overly ripe for the harvest. The leathery skin feels odd beneath his fingers; it is foreign to this soil, its deep red aeminder of lands with more sun and sand than the Kansas prairie would ever see.

“Hey, baby, whatcha got there?” He drops the fruit - rimon, the grenade - and it bursts open on the hard ground as he turns to face her. In his dreams, Jess is an ascendent vision, one that rises on the horizon to occupy the corners of his mind, crowding out purpose and thought. Sometimes these dreams are distraction, a well of clear water to refresh his mind; sometimes chthonic, a boulder blocking his way, resistant to his efforts to roll it to the side so he can rise again.

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