December 1st, 2016


A Very Supernatural Christmas Carol

Pairing: Wincest
Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Bobby Singer, Jessica Moore, Ellen Harvelle, Jody Mills, Tessa
Wordcount/Medium: 7,723/fic
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: None
AO3: Link

Summary: Sam and Dean return to the Bunker together to iron things out after Gadreel is expelled. Sam wants to celebrate Christmas to help bridge the distance, but Dean only has eyes for hunting Abaddon. After Sam storms out, Dean is visited by four ghosts from his past. Of course, it all goes wrong before it goes right.

aka the one in which Dean is Scrooge, Sam is not Tiny Tim, and Bobby is not impressed by the Bunker

A/N:Written as spn_xmas_exchange fic for deansbeerbottle who gave me free rein and in return got a load of angst, a Stanford flashback and pining brothers. Thanks to sammythankyoufor the beta!

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