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[sticky post] Fic Masterlist

If you've made it here, welcome! I write mainly Wincest and J2 RPS fics, with a sprinkling of het and gen, and post occasional edits or meta when the mood strikes. All of my fics are currently posted on AO3 or on tumblr. Here's a few:

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Gencest fics

Finished up my draft for the Gencest Big Bang last night and was thinking about what makes a really good gencest fic. Because it's gen, it can be written so broadly but with gencest, I think of all the intense canon moments that hit me in the gut (brother hugs, saving each other no matter the cost, the face touching and hair petting that comes out of desperation) and all the juicy fanon stuff like platonic bed sharing and jealousy.

What are your favorite gencest tropes?

End of Year To-Do's

What are you all up to for New Year's? Anyone else writing? Sam Winchester Big Bang starts in January and my posting date is February 19th and it's about 60% of the way there. Eeep. I can't tell you how excited I am to be working with quickreaver on this one!

Also signed up for the Gencest Big Bang and drafts and summaries are due on February 2nd. I want to support this challenge and it's only a 3k minimum word count. Still thinking about ideas. Obviously, canon level face touching and hair petting is a prerequisite.


Stealing this from whiskeyanddenial over at DW <333 because this seems like the perfect format for an introduction post

  • Name: Paula

  • Age: forties

  • Pronouns: She/Her

  • Role: Fic writer and reader, tag rambler and gif set appreciator

  • Current Fandom: SPN and MCU are ongoing and never say die, but I also love THOHH, Hannibal, GoT, and The Expanse and a ton of others.

  • Favorite Characters: Sam Winchester, Bucky Barnes and Amos Burton top that list (hmmm, there's a theme here of mistakes made and doing the best you can to move past that)

  • Ships: Wincest/J2/Stucky *praise hands* but I do have a soft center for a lot of rare pair ships too like Sam/Brady, Dean/Benny, Dean/Cain.

  • Fandom History

    • First-ever introduction to fandom: Always a fangirl for other shows growing up (Fringe, TXF, BSG, LOTR) but SPN is the one that stuck.

    • Other fandoms I've lurked in: MCU, Hannibal, and GoT. The Hannigram and Robb/Jon WIPs that will never be written *sighs*

    • How I got into my current fandom: Reintroduced and binged the show in 2014, joined tumblr in 2015 (hey, look at these pretty gifs), starting writing fics six months later.


 Guess I better dust off this account and start using it! 

It’s that time of year again

OhSam November 2018 meme banner

Time for the annual November 2nd OhSam meme! Bring your prompts!

[reposted post] Wreckage for themegalosaurus

Title: Wreckage
Recipient: themegalosaurus
Rating: PG
Word Count: 4800
Warnings: None
Author's Notes: 13.23 episode coda, Jack POV on Sam, based on prompt: “something with Jack, Sam, and Sam's powers”. We’ve seen Sam self-destruct after Dean dies, and this was a good chance to explore what that looks like when Sam’s not alone.

Summary: It’s a slow procession out the front door of the Bunker that first week until it’s just the two of them left. Jack wants to comfort Sam after Michael takes off with Dean but doesn’t know how, and Sam is obsessed with how to get his brother back, no matter what the cost.

It's a slow procession ...Collapse )

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